A few of my favorite place pics from the last several years.

Dark, straight tree trunks in a snowy forest
Al Sabo Land Preserve southwest of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Birdbath and Beyond sign outside of yard decoration shop in rural area
Outside a shop on U.S. Highway 2 near the southern shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
In a large sunlit hall with curving white walls, a silhouetted figure faces away toward blue water and sky
The view eastward from Milwaukee Art Museum’s lobby. Tricky lighting conditions like these surely are why Apple put a “Reduce shadows” slider in the Preview app.
An old grain elevator, fields of golden dry grass or grain, and a distant mountain
A view toward Canada from Amtrak’s Empire Builder, somewhere on the northern U.S. plains.
Tall evergreens and a cabin with lighted window silhouetted against a colorful sunset beyond a lake
Tamaracks Resort at Seeley Lake, Montana.