Travel photos

A few of my favorite place pics from the last several years.

dark, straight tree trunks against snowy backdrop
Al Sabo Land Preserve southwest of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Birdbath and Beyond sign outside of yard decoration shop
Outside a shop on U.S. Highway 2 near the southern shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
In a large sunlit hall with curving white walls, a silhouetted figure faces away toward blue sea and sky
The view eastward from Milwaukee Art Museum’s lobby. Tricky lighting conditions like these surely are why Apple put a “Reduce shadows” slider in the Preview app.
An old grain elevator, golden fields, and distant mountain
A view toward Canada from Amtrak’s Empire Builder, somewhere on the northern U.S. plains.
cottage and tall evergreens silhouetted against colorful sunset
Tamaracks Resort at Seeley Lake, Montana.